Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Awaiting Another Vintage in Wine Country !

I am just a few hours away from flying off to Amsterdam and then on to Alsace. In Amsterdam I will be giving a talk on British Columbia Icewines and of course in Alsace its all good. Good food, good wine and good people.
So what will this year bring to various wine regions?
My good friend Philippe Durst, the export manager at Dopff au Moulin send me this picture a few weeks ago. The vineyards are budding and showing early leaf formation. But he says they are behind last year at this time.

I visited a winery, Rocky Creek, here on Vancouver Island, just a few days ago and early leaf is just starting to show and again somwhat behind last year.
Then I checked with Alessandro Dondi on the Tuscan coast and he reports nothing positive with the weather, cooler than usual and rain three times per week.

So there you have it. But I will be sure to give you first hand reports upon my return. When I told Philippe I was trying to lose a few pounds before coming to Alsace, he reminded me that I wasn't coming to weight watchers country.

So be it!! Food and wine, wine and food. Tell me, is there anything more enjoyable?