Monday, May 22, 2006

Maddie not mad about grapes!

Just a message and a reminder from Maddie:
Please no raisins or grapes for all my dog friends out there. The exact cause is not known but some dogs can definitely die from acute renal failure after ingesting grapes and raisins. So all you vintners out there please remember come harvest time not to let your pets get into those luscious grapes. To the rest of us who enjoy the fruit of the vine in its fermented form Maddie says "enjoy", but don't give me and my friends those wonderful sweet temptations. Cheers everyone!


leonard said...

Those grapes do look good. Thanks for warning me about the possible problem for dogs ingesting grapes. We grow some grapes and did not know that.

Cathryn Ravenscliff said...

Thanks to you Wilf and Mizz Maddie for the heads-up regarding dogs and grapes; any info on how grapes might affect cats, Wilf? I've had a bunch of rescue cats who loved grapes, well, I am not surprised at that, they would eat about anything. They were so delighted to not be starving, food was a novelty for them, poor things ....... but I did have one little beauty, Banjo, who adored the pulp of grapes, she'd lick at one till it was gone - mind you, she never touched the skins: if you had seen me peeling Madame's grapes for her like one of Cleopatra's galley slaves, you'd have no doubt that cats rule the world - certainly cats have no doubt o' that!!

Wilf G.K said...

Hi Cathryn:
Interesting thing is, that not all dogs that ingest grapes or raisins are effected by this kidney damaging disorder.Which is one of the reasons why it is harder to track what the offending component in the grape is. Cats are very susceptible to kidney disease, especially as they get older. Saving grace for cats is that even if offered, a cat will walk away from a grape, whereas a dog would more readily eat it. So yes cats could succumb to this disorder as well, but again just like in our dogs it may not affect all of them. Bradley Cooper, at Township 7 Winery in the Okanagan (see his blog at ) claims that his cast iron stomached dog eats grapes but has not succumbed to any nephrotoxic effects (yet). Is the toxic component in the skin of the grape? Most likely but it could also be in the pips. But just the juice of the grape is probably OK. In the meantime it probably is best not to feed our pets any grapes. Keep being kind to your pets though and Maddie says hello!
Cheers and regards,
Wilf Krutzmann,CSW
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Victoria said...

Thank you for informing me on this post. The dangers of chocolate to dogs I have read about several times, but grapes I did not know of. Good information!