Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Future is Almost Here...!

So my little Robot friend, tell me what grapes are those on my backyard vines?

In my previous post on Wine Critics etc., I was under the impression that we would be looking for these little creatures to show up in 4 to 5 years.It now seems that wine robots will become a reality much sooner than first anticipated.Endo and his research team are looking for someone to bring them to market now. Sounds good to me, but I still want to wait for the little hand held edition I pictured in my previous blog. I can't quite see myself carrying a little robot to my tastings. So in the meantime can anyone identify the grapes in my backyard vineyard? Well guess what? I am having a blast with my new camera and those are table grapes I bought at the supermarket and then hung on my vines.Anything to show off my pictures. Initial reports show we are in for another good harvest around the globe. So no shortage of good wines coming up. Happy drinking and in the meantime Mr. Endo may I suggest you get in touch with Rockstar Marketing.

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Cathryn Ravenscliff said...

Those grapes look yummy ..... what are they, Wilf? I just found some Coronation grapes at the grocer. I look forward to them every autumn.
I just wish the wholesalers would offer some tasty eating grapes, rather than the wimpy watery ones that are the only ones you find in the regular supermarkets (lacking a car, this is where I have to get my produce). All imported from Chile, too, when we are sittin' here in the middle of the bounty of wine country!! Wouldn't it be fabulous if people could get eating grapes that are as flavourful and varied as wine grapes??