Sunday, March 25, 2007

Grape Glut ....or just too many poor quality grapes?

An over supply of grapes continues to plague Australia as well as South Africa. But are these high quality grapes or just too many of the bulk wine grape varieties?

Some interesting comments were posted to this Decanter news release. Similarly Australia is facing the same problem. According to eMediaWire the "plant anything anywhere" approach is to a large extent to blame. As reported by South African Wine News the answer may lie in educating consumers to try higher quality, higher priced wines. Related to this is the report that Yellow Tails wine sales are expected to drop in their biggest market, the US. Are consumers just getting tired of this brand or are their palates becoming more educated? Regardless, the days of cheap wines flooding the market may be coming to an end. This may be a very good thing. There still will be plenty of wine out there but quality will determine their sales success.


Sonadora said...

I hope the loss in sales of lower quality wine doesn't drive up the prices of higher quality wines though! But I must admit, I hope the palates are becoming more educated as I'm tired of grinning and bearing it when I hear people extoll the virtues of yellowtail, lest I come off like a wine snob in attempting to coerce them to try something new and (in my opinion) better!

Wilf G.K said...

Sonadora, thank you for your comment.
With the increase in good new vineyards world wide and here in North America, I am sure there will be plenty of quality wines at reasonable prices. Competition will make sure of that. We will just have to do our homework.