Friday, December 26, 2008

Icewine and Christmas Greetings!

Winter has hit all of Canada with a vengeance and British Columbians who can normally brag about their mild winter conditions, are shivering and shoveling on a daily basis. Vancouver Island, where I live, has seen up to and over 2 feet of snow in some areas. That includes my home. Those are pictures of my driveway and other than a path down the middle, I have given up on keeping it clear. I have rarely seen conditions like these in the 15 years I have lived here.
The good news for Icewine producers here in BC is that they were able to pick grapes for their 2008 vintage. When grapes are picked at this time they result in luscious fruity Icewines. If the required freezing temperature ( -8 degrees Celsius or 17.6 Farhenheit) does not come till January or Frebuary which is often the case, the fruit has become more dessicated and the resulting Icewines are more concentrated but do not display those big fresh fruit flavours. Growers in the Okanagan saw temperatures drop to -12 and with the wind chill factor to minus 21 degrees Celsius. As always my source for Icewine conditions was John Schreiner, the auther of the ultimate book on Icewine. I introduced my readers to John a few times and most recently on my September 5th blog entry.
I am eager to do some further posts on my Tuscan tour but it seems appropiate for this my 100th post to wish you all the best of the season and a Happy and Healthy New year. That means of course that you must do your share and continue to drink those Red Wines.
Greetings from Wilf and my little friend Maddie. That is a two foot snow bank behind her.


goooooood girl said...

your blog is very fine......

Wilf G.K said...

Wow,goooooood girl, you must be the most beautiful girl that has ever visited my blog. Thank you for stopping by. Happy New Year!!

Cathryn Ravenscliff said...

Love and Light to you Wilf, Happy New Year {{{HUGGIE}}}

(and is that the same li'l Maddie who was the star of the Wine barrel page too?)

-Cathryn Ravenscliff (I'm not a "girl" but I'll settle for the accolade of most beautiful WOMAN to visit your blog, Babe! :-D)

Wilf G.K said...

Cathryn, what can I say. Of course, you are the most beautiful. Yes, indeed that is li'l Miss Maddie from The Wine Barrel fame. Welcome back and Happy Blogging! Drop me a note via e-mail and Happy New Year. Did get your card for which my thanks.

Carl Brown said...

Wilf -

Long time no talk. Just got a few bottles of O'Shaugnessy in (2005 edition). I love the stinky stuff.

Anyhow, I actually bought 4 -- then bartered for 3 more from my brother. Nice to unload some old stuff to get good wine.

Got a wine cooler for xmas. Holds 50 bottles. Did you know red was supposed to be served at 60F? Of course you did... ;) Well... Very handy.... Now when I have a big party - no warm wine!

BTW: Just ran across some nifty wine blog stuff on alltop. Checkout

Take care,


Wilf G.K said...

Carl, that was so nice of you to stop by. Have a look at Carl's web site folks. He is the man. Yes, Carl, we here in North America tend to drink our red wines at much too warm a temperature. Its supposed to be room temperature European style. You know us N. Americans. We like to keep our homes much warmer. Thanks again Carl and may 2009 be a great year for you.