Monday, April 26, 2010

Job Security in the Wine Industry !

Some excellent posts recently, as always, on Tom Wark's Fermentation and Alder Yarrow's Vinography. An issue that has made headlines everywhere, especially in the wine blogosphere, is the H.R.5034 bill before congress. Here is Tom's take on it.
Another couple of good analyses are on Palate Press and the 30 Second Wine Advisor.
Alder did an in depth review of "The Coming Carnage in the California Wine Industry" with excellent comments that followed his post.
Even though they are two different issues, what is their common thread? Why jobs of course. Both have the potential of some serious job losses. But hold on, coming back to my previous post about Prohibition and its results, who is not looking for a new job? Massive government bureaucracies were created to interfere, oh pardon me, I meant regulate, alcohol consumption and subsequent contributions to government coffers. Do you know or have you heard of any regulatory inspectors loosing their jobs? If anything, they will be hiring more, with great job security as a bonus thrown in for the lucky candidates.

After all making sure that proper licencing is in place ensures those extra revenues. British Columbia has also seen some significant government lay-offs with the last go around another 230 people losing their jobs.
Recently the Naramata wineries held another very successful annual wine event in Victoria. At the same, in the same hotel, some government liquor inspectors were holding a conference. Guess what? They just could not resist and marched right in to check that every winery had proper licencing for the event. And as an added bonus for their efforts they got to taste some awesome new releases.


Parlor said...

Was reading Decanter the other day, also mentioning about disapperance of the wine column as it is not as popular as the other columnns like movie, opera, dance etc...disappointing.

Can't kill our interest this way. Support the industry.

Parlor said...
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Wilf G.K said...

You betcha, Parlor. support this wonderful industry. Noticed on your blog that wine photography is one of your interests and you have some nice pictures posted on your blog. It is one of my interests as well. I am off in a couple of weeks to Alsace and hope to take a whole lot of pictures. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
Best wishes,

Parlor said...

Envy you...
Alsace Gewurztraminer is the first wine that brings me to this world of wine.
Planning to have an excursion to Alsace sometime this year or next.
Have a nice trip~