Saturday, January 14, 2012

Red Wine is Good for Your Health..Yes...No...Maybe!

It all started when 60 Minutes with Morley Safer aired their "French Paradox" show on November 17, 1991.
Over 33 million people watched 60 Minutes that evening. Sales of red wine increased dramatically and were up 44 percent over the same month of the previous year. Sales of red wine for the entire year following the initial broadcast went up 39 percent. The American public embraced red wine as the newest health food. That was over 20 years ago but lets have a look at the show that started it all.

Much has been said and written about the subject of wine and health since then. In April of 2009, the Wine Spectator published an article titled  Is Drinking Wine a Breast Cancer Risk?  
Yes, according to this article!
Fast forward to January 2012 and the good news is NO.
Red wine could lower risk of breast cancer.           
    A Google search for breast cancer and red wine consumption turns up a staggering 32,500,000 entries.        For your enlightenment I chose the following from the Huffington Post    
Along with the good, there is the bad.
Getting plenty of news coverage, especially in the wine press, is the startling revelation about  fraudulent  results from researcher Dr. Das at the University of Connecticut. And yes a Google search will once again show plenty of entries. Here is what  Reuters   reported on the incident.

But I can report on research that is both reliable and truthful. Years of personal research conducted by myself can attest to the very healthful benefits of wine consumption, particularly red wine.
I can also attest to the fact that no cuddly, furry little creatures were sacrificed in my extensive research.

 All that remains now for me is to wish you all a very healthy 2012. And may I encourage you to do your own research. All with moderation of course.   
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Restaurant Bruges said...

maybe its good for health or not i am not sure but in my view its 60 40 percent in the ration

Silver Jewelry Jaipur said...

i love red wine and i thing it is good for health i think its my view i dont know i am right or wrong

finance managment tips said...

i really love this post u better tell us about this that red wine is good for health or not

Katherine Andes said...

I don't need any furry critters for my red wine research either, Wilf!

Nick said...

Hello Wilf! Thanks for your comment on my blog - I am delighted to hear from you! How are you?

I can see you have started 2012 with a bang - you always raise lots of interesting discussion points in your writing. I must admit these contradicting reports from the press on "is wine good for you or bad" have me perplexed.

I was wondering if we could collaborate a litte - would you like to write a Guest Blog to be posted on mine? Any topic you like, any time you want? I know wine lovers over here will enjoy reading your insights :-)

Cheers form Nick, your old (and greying) friend :-)

Wilf G.K said...

Thank you one and all for leaving your comments. It is obvious that we all share one thought.....Red wine is indeed good for you!
Nick, would love to write a Guest Blog on your blog. I'll be in touch on that. Thanks Katherine, love getting your weekly web tips!
Here is to all.. I am raising my glass in a toast to you all!!

Restaurant Brugge said...

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