Friday, January 05, 2007

Wine... from Cradle to Grave?

Catholics have been in the marketing business for centuries. "Fish only, on Fridays" gave a huge boost to the European fish markets for centuries. Today we all eat fish because it is good for our health. Those good old omega-3's are found in abundance in fatty fish such as sardines,salmon, trout and herring.
So besides getting your daily dose of resveratrol, be sure to eat plenty of fish.
But a little future planning is always in order and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oakland is ready to help you out. Always had a hankering to be surrounded by vineyards? Well, if it doesn't work out for you in this life, your loved ones can take care of it for you in your afterlife.
There is some marketing potential here. For instance, a case of wine or two could be produced in your remembrance on an annual basis. The back label could proclaim "This wine produced in the tranquil Valley of Peace has a lot of body....etc."
Perhaps a franchising opportunity in the making? Now if they also plant vineyards on property surrounding children's nurseries, the diocese could truly claim to be taking care of you from cradle to grave. Here is a toast to all you wine loving Catholics out there!

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cookingchat said...

I started out reading thinking you were going to say that wine actually had omega 3s, I know you like to extol the health virtues of wine--I'm all ears for that.

On another note, consider yourself "tagged" for a 3 meme game...see Cooking Chat for more info.