Sunday, February 25, 2007

(Wine) Diamonds are Forever!

We are all familiar with the wine diamonds found clinging to the bottom of a cork or that have settled to the botom of the wine bottle. Cold stabilization will reduce the amount of these tartrate crystals that will eventually show up in some wines. For a good description of "wine diamonds" check out this article. But I am now talking about the real thing. Click on the above picture to get a closer glimpse at an 85 facets, $12000 diamond. Moet & Chandon's smiling representatives Philippe Bures,Flame Rodriguez and Richard Loewen were on hand in Victoria, British Columnbia, to make a presentation of this diamond to Daphne Korths, winner of a contest held by Moet & Chandon.

Personally I would rather take two of the Nebuchadnezzars and the rest in cash. And of course I would revisit one of my favorite Champagne houses wher it all began. Do you think the Dom ever envisioned a magnificent diamond like this to be associated with the Champagne house he inspired when he exclaimed "Come quickly, I am tasting stars"
Here is to you Dom Perignon. You will forever be remembered!!

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