Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hickory Dickory Dock......

The mouse ran up the clock.The clock struck one,The mouse ran down!Hickory Dickory Dock.
And what did the mouse do when he got down?
He ate some cheese and had a glass of wine. And here is to a happy and long life, eating what you want and making sure you get your daily dose of resveratrol. Click on the pic and join me once again to toast to our good health!
Then of course there is another recent discovery about resveratrol. And that is.... and that is...... hmm I forgot. Oh yes go to the end of this article and follow the link to the report on Alzheimer's disesase. Perhaps one word of caution. With all the data coming in on the benefits of resveratrol there is bound to be a rush on to produce a tablet or liquid claiming to be"your best source and highest level of resveratrol". Give us this day our daily bread ... and our daily glass of wine of course and that will be my source of resveratrol for now. I give thanks to all those wonderful winemakers out there who are keeping me happy and healthy.


Science Writer David Bradley said...

That's exactly right, all this research will have the food and supplement companies clamoring to come up with a resveratrol tablet that will keep Alzheimer's, cancer, diabetes and almost any other disease a day if you pop the pill. But where's the enjoyment in that. A nice glass of chianti classico offers so much more!

There is also the issue of other factors found in red wine that may work synergistically with resveratrol, a concept demonstrated very clearly in my latest blog post on the underlying chemistry behind one particular Ayurvedic medicine.

Cathryn Ravenscliff said...

Why thank you, Wilf darln', for providing yet another reason to chug-a-lug ........ red wine, white wine, rose ........ what the heck, it's all the fruit of the vine, eh? ....... jeez, I feel downright - *hiccup* - virtuous - pass the jeroboam, willya?