Sunday, November 26, 2006

Wine Marketing...which way is up?

In june of 2005, the CRAV ( the Regional Committee on Viticultural Action) took their fight to the streets in the South of France. The problem? An oversupply of grapes and wine. Was their a method in their madness? Not really, a year and a half later the problem still exists. But now there is a glimmer of hope. After 10 years of meetings by various commissions a proposal has been brought forward that would unite all of Languedoc's AOC's as well as the neighbouring Rousillon region. Now that is smart marketing. Placing a whole region under one banner and promoting it as such. However this raises some concern by some of the smaller up and coming wine areas. The plan is for the new AOC Languedoc to be in place in 2008. That is the plan... I don't see it happening all that soon. French governing bodies tend to drag their feet a bit.
A continent away, in the Central Valley of California, a different approach is now in effect.
The town of Tracy in San Joaquin County has now been put on the AVA map. Not happy about being lumped together under the California label, a determined Jeff Brown spend 6 years and $60,000 to convince the ATF ( Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms ) to allow the creation of the newest AVA in California. So which is the right way to go? Produce the best wine possible and you will create a market and loyal following. Congratulations to Tracy Hills and Good Luck to Languedoc!!

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cookingchat said...

interesting article. I've found some good bargains from Languedoc (sp?) perhaps this oversupply issue is why.