Sunday, November 12, 2006

Wine Beef Burgers......and other fantasies!

Not satisfied with the flavor of your beef?
Well then, why not specify your steaks have to come from wine fed beef? It is reported that the cattle seemed to like the addition of wine to their feed and that they gained weight. This mind you, was based merely on the observation that they were eating more. Well of course! Wine is an appetite stimulant and can aid in the resorption of ingested food and increase the caloric intake.
No wonder they put on weight.
Maybe we are not doing them a favor and perhaps this is an animal welfare issue.
So what is next?
A demand for Pinot Plum or Merlot Mango flavored yoghurts? The headlines will read "Happy dairy cows eager to share their milk". Or how about Chardonnay scrambled eggs? Then of course we will probably be able to look forward to Pinot Gris pork products. Perhaps this over-indulgence is getting out of hand.
The picture of the vineyard with the bird netting was taken at the Blue Grouse Vineyards on Vancouver Island. Obviously it is to keep the birds out and that is a good thing. But the second picture shows a starving child with no protection from any birds, especially vulturous ones. Should make you think. At this time of the year I always get a little sad when I think of all my blessings and the countless people, especially children, who are not nearly as fortunate as I am. So when I read about this over-the-top procedure just to get your beef steaks kicked up a notch, I have to shake my head and wonder. So this holiday season, be kind and be generous to those less fortunate around you. Take care of those you love, including your pets and yes do take time to enjoy the fruit of the vine! As well, this is the Remembrance day week-end. Let us take a moment to remember all those hero soldiers who gave up their lives, so that we might continue to live in the freedom we treasure so much.


cookingchat said...

funny! as long as the cattle don't start demanding only high-end wines, this might work!

cookingchat said...

I referenced this article in my November monthly roundup.