Sunday, April 22, 2007

To drink or not to drink....Indian wine!

At a recent National Health Summit held in New Delhi "The red wine is good for your health" theory was given the boot by a group of Indian doctors. Dr.H.K. Chopra, a cardiologist, claims to have read 16 million articles on health and alcohol but has yet to find one proving the benefit of wine on cardiac health. The man must be exhausted after reading that many articles. No wonder he has no time to stop and have a glass of health- giving red wine. Of course, Dr. Chopra, it has not been proven yet. Not too many researchers are prepared to do an in depth study where participants are encouraged and required to consume wine. Not that they wouldn't have any takers ( I am ready). But rather it would be viewed as encouraging the drinking of alcohol and perhaps even turn a latent alcoholic into a confirmed alcoholic. That just wouldn't do. But there is plenty of anecdotal evidence about wine's health benefits. Another participant at the gathering, a Dr. Manchandra, is urging people to "Drink water, it will keep your body and mind clean". I agree with the keeping your body clean bit, that's why I have a shower everyday. But the keeping my mind clean part, I find a little bit more difficult to comprehend.
Meanwhile India's growing middle class is turning to wine at a rapid pace.
"Wine is more cool, hip and healthy than hard liquor," says stock analyst Ajay Singh, 28. The Indian wine industry is growing by about 35 percent annually.
Sula Vineyards (click on pic to see their Merlot) saw an increase of 45% last year.
Now if the government of India just gets rid of that nasty 260% tariff, there will be a good marketing opportunity, especially with all that world wide wine glut. Don't know about you, but I am going to continue drinking my red wines for my health and here is to yours!!

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David said...

funny post! I too would volunteer for control group research here--but wait, that could mean possibly getting a placebo!