Sunday, April 29, 2007

Wine not...? The Answer is....!

I was having some problems and I called on my good buddy Jay over at Answer tips. A couple of entries ago I asked if anyone knew why these crazy rectangles showed up on my blog page when I opened with Explorer. As well, my new favorite widget was acting up. Not only did he find the problem but promptly fixed them as well.
( Double click the pic.)
So when I am researching data for my next blog or for the local wine column that I write, I often need to look up the meaning, pronunciation, etc. of a particular word. I love this program. Just hit "Alt" and click on the word and you have arrived.
So now I just sit back when I am typing away, have another sip of wine and the answer is there. You will see AnswerTips on the side bar of my blog. Well worth getting if you do not already have it. I love it! Thanks Jay, I am raising a glass of good Merlot to you! ( A good Merlot made by a friend of mine who gave me a bottle to try.)
Cheers everyone!

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